Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my attempt at the tiered tray

i suppose you've seen them everywhere by now, yes? the DELICIOUS looking cupcake trays being made from dollar store platters and candlesticks? if not, go here for a brilliant tutorial!!

so...since they cost a total of about $5 (not including the spraypaint) i just HAD to try it...too cute!

here's a tip....never ever NEVER buy spraypaint at a craftstore unless you absolutely have to!! i spent $6 per can only to see them at walmart two days later for less than $3 per can!!

this isn't the first tray i made...but it is the first i remembered to take a photo of! i made this for a very special friend's wedding...and decided to also try my hand at making those adorable peg dolls i've been seeing all over the place. overall, i feel pretty great about how everything looks.

ahem...which brings me to....WHAT WENT WRONG! i made the trays using Gorilla Glue, which i have long thought to be the ultimate glue of all glues. well....as i was loading things into my car to leave for the wedding (and, as craft luck would have it, i was already running late)THE TRAY COMPLETELY FELL APART!!!! like....all the way apart. ugh.

so back inside i went to do the only thing i could think of....hot glue that baby back together. hey, i know it wasn't the best solution for the long term...but it's all i had. i have no clue if the tray even held up through the end of the reception! but it sure looked awesome on the gift table...and everyone seemed to think it was there to be the recepticle for cards...which is a good sign i'd say!

so...have YOU tried the trays yet?

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