Monday, October 25, 2010

You may laugh. I give you permission.

Sometimes I get cold. Sometimes meaning pretty much all time that I'm conscious. This is especially a tricky issue at bedtime, when for some reason I'm pretty sure my body stops pumping blood to my feet all together. I've never been to the Arctic Tundra, but I'm pretty sure if I visited, my feet would not be any colder than they are at bedtime.

This has led to my pre-bed ritual. I turn on my little wall heater about 10 minutes before I plan to tuck in. Then I carefully hold up and toast all my jammies before climbing inside them. Directly after, I dance around in circles in front of the heater trying to make every part of me warm at the same time. Lastly, I sit on the ground and hold up each foot in front of the heater before climbing into bed.

This leads me to the bane of my sleeping existence. My nose. I don't know why, I don't know how, but somehow every once in a while my nose is infected by the ice curse. My nose cartilage can get so cold that it stops me from being able to sleep. I try to warm it under the covers, but eventually I run out of oxygen. I try to cover it with my hands, but my hands get cold if they're not under the covers. It's honestly a no-win situation.

This leads me to my last night's craft creation. I had no plans for the evening, and really was just cleaning around the house, and the nose ice curse infection began. I thought, "Hey, I craft now. I don't have to be at the mercy of this any longer." And so, I created my super horrible looking nose jacket. You know, some fabric, some elastic, and a bottom layer of fleece.

I would be more embarrassed if IT DIDN'T WORK BEAUTIFULLY! My nose warmed, I wore it for a couple of hours, and then took it off just before sleeping and I HAD NO PROBLEMS! Who said that you can't solve all of your problems with sewing?

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